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Member Fees

Currently the Sutherland Shire Dog Training Club Inc joining fee(s) are:-
New membership is $25
The fee consist of: -

  • Membership Fee $15
  • Administration Fee $10
Administration fee is a ONE OFF PAYMENT unless the member has not renewed membership for more than 12 months.

Annual Renewal $15
Annual membership is paid yearly. Membership must be renewed each year by 30 June.
Late renewal (after 1st July of fiscal year) will incur penalties.

Grounds fee $3
Currently this is cash only payable at the 'vetting line'.
The 'ground fee' allows for 1hr of training and is payable each time you attend a class.

Replacement Membership card $5
Administration cost for a lost, replacement or additional membership card.

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Any single email address can only be used once in our system. If your email address is already in our system, you will be redirected to the login screen.